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So I am currently living in Uni halls.
I haven't seemed to have much of an issue with it, have enjoyed it and my flat are decent.
However, the discussion for what is going on next year has begun and I am so unsure of what the best thing to do would be.
I can not really move into student housing as I don't have anyone to move in with and do not want to be living alone.
The other option discussed was moving into halls again, this time a different one because its much more updated and looks nicer.
However, the issue I am having is that the people I am looking to move in with is two of my flat mates currently (One of which is considerig commuting next year due to costs, which is totally fine!) and (the other, I seemed to get on with at the start, but now feel like I am feeling tension between us. Not sure if I am misreading situations but is making me feel uneasy) The other two we are looking to move in with are from another flat, One I have had no issues with. However, the second one makes me feel as though I have done something wrong to them, they constantly seem off with me and make me feel incredibly left out around them. Unless it is unintentional, I am unsure whether to speak to them about it or not?
But my issue is if my current flat mate does end up commuting, which again is totally fine!, I am not sure whether it would be good to move in with people when I am feeling this uneasy about them?
My other option is to just apply for halls again but to move in with completely random people like this year?

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Stop’ll be fine

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