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I've said before, but at my Uni if you're the type to not bother showing for lecturers, the lecturer just erases you from their world basically, which means when you start sending desperate last min emails for exam revision or work feedback, you just don't get a useful reply, certainly not promptly. Then you start asking other members of staff to help, and they say "Who are you? are you a student here?" ect... :rolleyes:
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In first year I missed around 50% of my programming seminars in the first semester, and paid very little attention during the lectures. I considered it an utter waste of time, since I was being taught stuff I already knew. For the classes containing assessed in class material, I attended the bare minimum necessary to get a grade. That module also had a Maths element, I attended the first lecture like a good little fresher but as soon as the lecturer started explaining BIDMAS I knew I wouldn't be attending any further classes. So all in all I attended maybe 60% of my classes and paid attention to far less. That was one of my highest marked units in first year, and I came out of it was 87%.

For my Computer Architecture module, I attended maybe 60-70% of my classes. The difference here is that these classes became optional when the semesters worth of work was complete. There was work to do each week, but the entire semesters workload was available in advance. I worked ahead, completed it early and had a couple of weeks off at the end of each semester. Achieved 100% on the stuff that was assessed in class (60% of the final grade). And after the final exam, again came out with 87% in that module overall.

Those were the main classes I missed. In second year, I had some 2 hour workshops on writing for my placement module. However the placement module itself was handled outside my department. A lot of the examples and work given had absolutely no relevancy to me, so I stopped attending those after a couple of weeks. Only achieved 71% in that module but I don't at all regret not going to the workshops. The value in that module was the 8 hours a week I had working, not the assignment I wrote afterwards.

Besides that, the only classes I missed were when I was ill, or when I had another engagement (e.g. an interview for my placement). Coming into final year, my university encouraged missing classes to attend graduate job interviews if necessary.

All things considered, I strongly recommend that most students do not miss classes. There's a very fine line between missing a class because you know the content, and missing a class because you think you know the content. A lot of people get it wrong.

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