Not looking forward to going back to uni after the Christmas holidays Watch

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Its 2 weeks till my Christmas holidays and I can't wait, but it hasn't even started and I'm already dreading having to go back to uni after them and having to leave everything back at home, does/ has anybody else felt the same way?

Everybody says wait till Christmas and then you'll feel like you fit in and it starts becoming normal, but I still dot feel like I've made any good friends/people I actually feel like I fit in with, and not I'm starting to wonder whether I ever will make good friends this year!

My flat makes are nice I just dont feel like I fit in with them, and the only time i and I feel like happy is when I'm going back home for the weekend! It's harder now to make new friends because everybody already has a closer group of friends than me trying to fit in somewhere!

Im beginning to wonder what I should do, and even considering transfering to a uni where I can live at home next year because at least I wont be lonely? Has anybody else had an experience like this, I need advice????
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I know EXACTLY how you feel. Everything you said resonates with me so much! I'd definitely say give it until after Christmas, and if you still feel this way maybe consider staying at home if its an option. Unfortunately I go to a London Uni so staying at home isn't an option for me at all!

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