How To Get Grade 4/C In 5 Months When You Haven't Studied And Your Attendance Is 20% Watch

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look i've been really struggling with depression and other issues ever since i started doing the gsces. i hardly go in and i didnt think id be alive to consider college but i recently realised i actually really wanna do a music course. i'm so out of practice with revising and school and i just need math, english, triple science. think i might not study as hard for english lit because i really do not have the will.
just wanna know how to cram five years of science and math into my head before may. situations dire boys.
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It’s okay u do not need to stress tbh five years of science into ur head again idk how that will work same thing happened to me tbh I’m 18 and I’m still retaking just so I can get into a good course for a year then go to uni but I will advise u to revise everyday for science take breaks write down ur notes and try getting everything in your head xx hope u get good grades good luck and try ur best for the last 6dmonths x
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Try to go into school as much as you can of course, but don't push yourself too much, I know how crap it is to struggle with depression.

Make a plan and split the subjects up into topics.
Primrose kitten on youtube has good summary videos for science that give the basics for each paper.
English language is just practise so i would say just do as many past papers as possible, same with maths.

Honestly just don't panic, school will try and make it seem like theres no time but thats just to push people to work harder, they dont realise it can be detrimental for some people, you have more time than you think.

I really hope you get onto the music course : )


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