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Our lectures are not compulsory and I just cannot get up the motivation to go to them. when I'm in them I spend most of the time being distrac by people talking, texting, eating, kicking/shacking seats and everything else so I find I don't learn that much in the three hours. I think I would be much more like to go if they were shorter and less people would be sleeping.
on the other hand all of my lectures go online. I'm not the sort to ask questions but the discussions are all done online as well. I write notes on all my lectures before they actually happen and use textbooks if I have any issues but know there are others who can help if needed. I'm very good at teaching myself as I did with three of my a levels and find I can go at my own pace without being distracted so I take in a lot more information. I feel quite confident with the material so far and certainly more confident than most people in my year. in fairness a lot go to lectures but spend the entire time on Facebook, talking or sleeping.

Is this bad?

We have practicals usually every day which I do go to consolidate knowledge btw
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I would say this is fine! It sounds like you are keeping on top of the work and everyone is different when it comes to best ways that they learn- so if you prefer to go at your own pace and watch the recorded lectures that's fine. Just make sure you go and ask your lecturer separately if you have any questions about the material, but it sounds like you are consolidating it with the practicals so that's fine.

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