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So I’ve recently moved to uni and been here for 3 months and I’m not sure if my flatmate likes me or not. Like after a few weeks after we met, she will text me almost on a daily basis, either just talking or asking me to hang out with her. This kinda slowed down after a couple weeks again. She met this boy at this concert back in early October and she’d always talk about him when we talk and she always mentions how much she likes him. We still hang out quite often but am definitely seeing less of her. She’s also very comfortable around me, like she’s even cried in front of me before and she has shared a lot of personal information with me. She also called me when she was drunk at 2 am to come and find her and walk her home. But then again, we live in the same building so who else would she call. She’s sometimes touch me when we talk. For example, she’s grabbed my bicep, linked arms with me and asked to lean on me on the bus. Maybe I’m overthinking it and I’m just her “girlfriend” and that’s why she’s comfortable around me 😂
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It depends on the type of person she is. If she's very open and boyant, she might like to do all that type of stuff with you without being romantically interested. If she is going out with someone, that's probably why you are seeing less of her, she is spending time somewhere else. She might like you but that depends on whether she is treating you like a partner or like a friend, especially in what she talks to you about. I'm not an expert on the matter though

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