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US University!? Things that can help?

I'm looking at university in the US and I know I need to sit SAT exams and SAT subject exams. However on the websites of many Ivy League schools it says that there is no "minimum SAT score" and they also look at portfolios of work.

What can I do in order to help my application?
(I do volunteering, I'm the Youth Mayor of my City, Involved in Youth Councils, MYP, Engineering Projects)
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There is no minimum test score that is correct. In fact in many cases there are no minimum scores or grades for any university (unlike the AAA-CCC system we have here). That is not to say you can apply with a 1200 to Harvard though, you will likely need 1500 as an absolute minimum. GCSEs are important more so than unis here, but not crucial unless you are going for single digit acceptance rates places. A levels are crucial however. Many US unis will be happy to take anyone, however I expect you want to go to a decent one, in which case anything less than AAB and I expect you are dead in the water. AAA is a nice place to be, A*AA and you should be fine anywhere, A*A*A and you can start thinking along the Harvard lines. AAB may be enough for some of the 18-35% acceptance rate places so long as you have a very good set of SAT scores, essays, letters of rec. and ECs.

Ivies and all other universities like the will need 1500, those such as the Tufts, NYU, USC 1400-1500, and honestly the SATs are GCSE standard so I won't even consider you getting less than 1400, plus I expect these are the types of schools you want to go to.

ECs are not the same as they are here. Volunteering is all good, but everyone else applying has done that and its not really what they are looking for in the first place. Youth Mayor will be good so definitely do not forget to mention that. They like leadership and achievement. I think US college know we don't have the same opportunities as US kids, but that is no excuse for not having any.

Here is another difference. Being 'involved' in Youth Councils is 100% something you put in your application to a UK university, but just being 'involved' is not enough for the US. Maybe you do something special (are in charge or have been commended for something) in the YC, in which case say that instead of just being 'involved'.

Finally, money. I know you know it costs a bomb to go there, but it isn't as awful as it looks. First, remember $50,000 is £37,000 and that should cover everything (tuition, accommodation, books, living costs). UK unis cost £9250 plus another £7000 for accommodation, add in £1,000 for supplies and another £3,000 for living costs and you can see the two aren't a million miles away as if first seemed.

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