Stressed for the 1st time in forever and I feel like I might be getting a panick atta Watch

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my heart is racing, and I don't know why this is happening but I can genuinely feel fear.
I have a bio midterm at 2 pm tmw, it's currently 8:20 pm where I live, and I still have 2 chapters, one on cellular respiration (both aerobic and anaerobic) and one on gibbs free energy and metabolism. I've been trying to study for 2 hrs but I'm literally shaking I feel like I know nothing and I feel like I don't have enough time left so I can't concentrate at all.

Here's the thing, I had this much time if not less, for bioStats and Chemistry but I didn't feel a thing, I wasn't stressed at all and I actually got a 100% in both, so why am I scared now I don't get it, I need to stop if I'm gonna focus but I honestly can't. I feel like I know nothing.

To get sth clear, I'm not the stressful kind of person, in the sense that I don't get stressed for anything, not just exams, not for medical appointments, not for gatherings, nothing honestly, football might be the only thing that gets me a bit anxious but that's pretty much , even a levels didn't stress me, not even once, which is literally why I did well, I don't stress so what on earth is happening rn.. help please
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I know this was a few hours ago, but is there anyone you can speak to tonight about it? Take a break, have an early night, but make sure you speak to someone and ground yourself

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