Struggling with alevels - stressed and confused

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Hi everyone
Im currently in my first year of alevel doing Biology, Geography and Physics. I chose these subjects because I enjoy, for the most part, learning it and find it interesting. While I enjoy the learning part I do not enjoy the process of going over everything at home: I find it tedious and stressful. While I don't enjoy this process in GCSE and now alevels I stick to it and work hard and get good grades.
Part of the reason I find this process stressful could be due to the fact that Im trying to pursue a sport to a high level (taking up at least 4 evenings a week, and half a day at the weekend) this means that I have to work until later in the evenings giving me little time at home to chill. When I do have free evenings my lack of motivation to pursue my studies mean that I leave it to the last moment in the evening and am not very productive.

After alevels I have little interest in continuing with the education system and going university. I want to try and pursue my sport professionally and make a living as a freelance filmaker (which I'm currently also trying to work towards and fit in my free time at the moment)

If anybody is able to offer any advice how to make things less stressful and more productive it would be greatly appreaciated.

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Wew you sound busy af

My advice is make yourself a timetable and stick to it, if you can make it a 2 week timetable and make each week a little different if you can just so it doesn't get monotonous doing the same stuff every week and the same time, but yeah make a timetable for yourself put on there when your at school, when you plan to set time aside for work and your sport and stuff but it's sooooo important you have some free time you will benefit loads from it as otherwise you will just burn out and possibly even get ill, don't stress yourself you will do far better if your not stressed

It's important you stick to the timetable though


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