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Hello, will try and keep this short and simple

So me and my partner have been together for 4 years. We are 24 and have 2 children together (planned) we were very mature for our age and he really wanted a family together and had even proposed to me etc

Fast forward through my pregnancy and having my kids he completely changed. He has become very horrible to me and has absolutely no respect for me.

My main issue at the moment is he cannot stop contacting other girls/women. This was never an issue for the first few years he was the most loyal and respectful young man. However since being pregnant and having kids all he does is message other girls behind my back (not 1 or 2 but literally about 100). I wouldn’t have a problem with him messaging female colleagues or friends etc in the right context however he never had any female friends when we met and this only started once I got pregnant and wasn’t out around him in public as much and he could basically do what he liked at work etc. Well now it’s just a normal part of his routine that he will not stop. It’s almost ALWAYS innapropriate messaging such as flirting and asking girls for sexual stuff etc. Even though we know it’s just him trying to act cool and doubt he’d have the confidence to fully pursue these girls, it’s still so completely disrespectful to me. I found out he had even kissed one girl.

Anyways he is a personal trainer and is OBSSESSED with money and has started going out of his way to contact and approach girls to train them for cheap to make money. He’s a really good looking guy that has girls (young and old!) all over him. I wouldn’t mind if it was done in a professional way but it isn’t and he’s using his Instagram account that he only created to talk to girls behind my back. An account that I’ve been blocked from for about a year and never been allowed to follow or even see. Yet every female he meets he will be following on that account.

I’ve broken down too many times crying to him begging him I’ve literally done EVERYTHING in my power to try and get him to stop but he just literally doesn’t care about my feelings. I’ve just caught him dming 3 girls on that account when he left his phone unlocked (yup I haven’t even been able to see his phone since the day I got pregnant too) passwords changed etc.

I’m at the end of my tether. This is the guy I love and I have children with him. But how can I be breaking down crying everyday and not have any trust in my partner because he’s going behind my back contacting women and lying straight to my face. Many times I’ve seen him contacting some girls telling them to meet up with him and he’ll train them for free etc, how good looking they are and just innapropriate messages/

It’s just so humiliating to me now I’ve never been treated with such little respect. I don’t know what to do. Yet he will tell me he loves me?! This is just one of MANY issues we have and ways that he treats me. Bare in mind I’ve never once disrespected him or even given another male eye contact in our entire relationship. I tried making an Instagram for ‘inspiration purposes’ and used a selfie of myself for the dp and he went so crazy I had to delete it. I spend all my time now thinking of ways to make him like me and be more interested in me like he is with these other girls. It’s making me miserable because hes never satisfied with me
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I'm sorry but you're boyfriend seems like a piece of ****, like wow, this relationship is clearly not bringing u any happiness and u should not have to suffer through it, ur boyfriend seems very controlling and not committed, he should have been there for u when u were pregnant, you, and where was he ? , u deserve so much more and shouldn't have to put up with his bs, u need to make ur self happy and dont need him to do that
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This relationship is dead

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