What does his behavior mean?

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Please try to read the whole thing, it's important and I'd be grateful.

Where I'm from, we're not allowed to have premarital/extramarital affairs. People still do have them, but it's frowned upon. This is also the main reason why people just crush and steal glances on one another from afar and not actually go up to them and talk to them-ESPECIALLY if they're religious. This is also why making the first move is pretty hard, cuz u don't know how the other person would react.. especially if it's a guy approaching a girl, she could insult him for having the audacity to approach her.

This is important to mention cuz otherwise what I'm about to say would just sound plain creepy. Here goes.

I developed a crush on this dude in my class and decided to stalk his FB only to find everything set to private. So I created a FB profile using a random girls name (but went to the same uni) and added him. (I just wanted to see his pictures dammit) He accepted and asked which grade/batch I was from. I said I was from the same batch as him and here's how it went from there:
Him: really? Cuz I never heard ur name.
Me: yeah, maybe cuz this isn't a genuine account, but please don't unfriend this; there's no malicious intent behind this.
Him: may I please know your name, if you don't mind? Or at least where do u know me from?
Me: I'm sorry lol I can't tell u that (I didn't want him to know it was me cuz I didn't know if he'd like me back or I'd just get made fun of or idk it's embarrassing OK)
Him: I'm just curious.
Me: it's natural Him: what do you want? Me: nothing.
Him: Goodbye then, plus don't send everyone friend requests its not healthy.
He then blocked the account.
I decided to move on from my little crush cuz I had been denied access to his pictures and that was all that I could ever have of him, but here's how his behavior has me thinking of other possibilities.
Ever since this FB incident I made it a point to not gaze at him longingly cuz he'd find out THE FAKE FB ACCOUNT was me, but.. once he noticed me staring at him.
I was talking to a friend at that time and wasn't even paying attention to what my eyes were fixated on, but soon I realized I was staring into his soul and he was staring back with a quizzical expression on his face. I darted my eyes away quickly.

After this I found him staring at me many times. He'd always notice me when he'd enter class and got kinda awkward around me (he's really shy and can't even give a presentation in front of the class)
I also noticed once when I was entering class his friend was staring at me, (this friend has had a crush on me since last year, and often stares at me almost entranced and quickly looks away when I catch him) so naturally the guy I have a crush on, turned to see who his friend was ogling and when he saw it was me he ABRUPTLY, almost violently jerked his head away. Once he even left the room AS SOON AS HE HAD ENTERED when he realized he had just made eye contact with me. He was so abrupt about it that it was obvious he was avoiding me. I got the impression that he was repulsed and disgusted by me for some reason but my heart didn't want it to be true. I'm definitely not ugly and know of at least five dudes who've been crushing on me since the past 2 years..or maybe my heart just doesn't wanna accept the truth.. Idk.

Anyway, I forgot about this whole thing cuz it wasn't going anywhere...but now I've noticed that: he dresses up better around me and HE HAS UNBLOCKED MY FAKE ACCOUNT ON FB. What's that supposed to mean?
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