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I am currently an offer holder for History BA and am unsure on whether to apply for accommodation for KCL. I currently live 45 minutes away from the Strand campus (by train).

Although it's not my top priority when choosing a university, I am interested in the social aspects of King's accommodation. I am interested in various societies at King's and am relatively knowledgable of some of the nightlife London offers (and the crazy prices they charge). At the open day, the student ambassadors made the accommodation sound fantastic, although I have read some mixed opinions on TSR. The prices of accommodation seem quite large and according to the student loan calculator, I am entitled to around £8,500 in my maintenance loan (alongside receiving £250 a month from my Dad). With this being said, I have some questions for anybody living in King's or intercollegiate accommodation;

Which current residence are you living in?

How social is your residence?

Do you regret choosing accommodation over commuting?

Do you regret choosing your residence? If so, is there another accommodation in King's or Intercollegiate which seems better?

Would you say your accommodation is reasonably priced for the services and social life it offers?

Are you able to sustain yourself financially?

Is there parties within your residence or do people typically go out at night?

How much of an impact does accommodation have on your social life at King's?

Any information on these questions would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi I’m an offer holder for BA History and IR and I was wondering a similar thing. I’m from near Birmingham so I’ll have to stay in accommodation however I don’t know whether KCL accommodation or Intercollegiate halls (seeing as they are mostly catered) would be a better choice

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