Why does he keep staring at me but doesn’t approach me

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he was talking with his friends and laughing and then saw me and he was smiling and laughing but really smiling but his friends didn’t even look at me. Friday, yesterday and today he kept trying to look in my eyes, I almost bumped into him and he just like stood there trying to look at me in the eyes, his feet were pointing to me and his back straight if that means anything. Does he find me attractive and want to talk to me because I seriously don’t know, I think he does but I can never be for positive. He has been staring at me like this for 2 months now. Yesterday he went close to my table then went to refill his water bottle and the fountain is close to our table anyways while he was refilling it he kept staring at me, when I caught him he just kept looking in my eyes and afterwards I see him staring at me across the room with his friends but then sometimes he pretends he doesn’t see me but I think he does stare from the side of his eyes, idk if he looks back because I have never looked back. Why is he staring at me really since he hasn’t walked up and talked to me unless he is shy but idk why since he seems like a pretty confident person and he is popular so idk what is going on. Does he find me attractive and want to talk to me?
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Try approaching him, find a quiet time when he’s alone, or take a friend with you to his friends, he might just be shy take it slow and be confident.
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(Original post by Anonymous)
his feet were pointing to me and his back straight if that means anything
Means he doesn't have Scoliosis

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