Are you being sustainable this festive season? Watch

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Sustainability is a huge topic at the moment. But how are your festive season habits impacting wider society?

5 of our expert academics have put together a video series to help make your home more sustainable this Christmas!

1 = Reducing Food Waste

Dr Elliot Woolley, a Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Manufacturing, is kicking off the Sustainable Home series by sharing his tips for reducing food waste.

2 = Be better at recycling

Loughborough University’s Environmental Manager Nik Hunt has shared his top tips in a bid to help student and non-student homes improve their recycling rate.

3 = Fashionably sustainable

Textiles expert Dr Chetna Prajapati has shared her top tips for creating an environmentally-friendly wardrobe that supports the ‘circular fashion movement’.

4 = Reducing Plastic at home

Sustainable Design expert Dr Rhoda Trimingham has shared her top tips for reducing avoidable plastic and other damaging packaging waste in the home and has suggested some planet-friendly alternatives to popular single-use plastics.

5 = Energy Waste is as bad as Plastic Waste

Loughborough University Research Associate Ben Roberts says its time for people to be more conscious of their energy use, especially when it comes to turning on the heating.

Think sustainable this festive season!
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