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I have been offered places at UCL, Roehampton and Cambridge but I am not sure which one to choose. I would be grateful if anyone can offer some advice or personal experiences.

After both interview days, I felt more comfortable at Roehampton (staff and environment were more relatable). I also live in London so economically it will be easier for me to stay at home if I choose Roehampton. Roehampton also have placement schools in London unlike Cambridge. The course structure is also appealing.

However, I recognise the 'prestige' and potential benefits of attending Cambridge. Also, it might be good for me to move away from London to have a different experience. Does being a Cambridge Primary PGCE graduate compared with UCL or Roehampton give one a special edge? I'm not sure.

UCL is a top institution but after my interview day I was not that enthusiastic and couldn't really picture myself going there, even though it is a London based uni. Would it be a mistake to turn down UCL who are world renowned for education?

As you can see I am swaying more towards Roehampton but I am a bit stuck as both Cambridge and UCL are great universities too. The Primary PGCE course will only be 9 months long for whatever uni I choose.
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Hi I have been accepted to the exact same unis for PGCE primary and feel the same. I really liked roehampton and didn’t get the same feel for UCL (Cambridge is out due to financial reasons)I’m trying to work out if going to UCL actually has any impact on job prospects when graduating! I just do not know which to choose for the best!
I have spoken to a feee friends that are teachers and they believe that when applying for jobs it’s not where you obtained you PGCE qualification but quality of your references and experiences etc. I am just so torn my heart saying roehampton but my head and thinking of prestige saying UCL!
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