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I'm in year 13 studying A level IT, Maths and Geography. I find it really difficult to revise for AQA Geography by note taking, personally, I think it's a waste of time. Is there another revision technique that would help me revise more effectively? Quizez on definitions? Past papers? (Btw I'm a visual learner and I'm aiming for a B in Geography)

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Hello, yes there are many ways to revise

1) flash cards - write key information on one side of a revision card and the answer on the back. Get a friend or family member to ask the questions on the revision cards. Revise the questions you got wrong.

2) mind maps- Start in one colour and on one topic. Right in the first colour all the information you know about that topic. Now change your colour and write all the information you missed (from the textbook). Revise the topics you missed and then do a mind map again and this second colour should have reduced.

3) past papers- these are the most important. They are an easy way to see your strengths and weaknesses. They also help you get an insight into how the questions are going to be asked and what a paper will look like. It will also get you used to answering questions in a level detail. Once you have finished the paper and marked it redo all the questions you’ve got wrong and ask your teacher for help if needed.

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