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I've applied to study economics at the University of Edinburgh, which have standard entry requirements of AAA which I am predicted. I am a UK citizen, have lived in England for my whole life. My dad is German and moved to England in his mid 20's to work. I do not own a German passport, but I am half German. After I sent off my application in October I got on email saying that I needed to fill out a fees questionnaire to determine my fees status. After I'd filled this in (had to send copies of my parents passports etc.) they determined that I classified for an EU/ EEA fees. My mum and I were very confused at first because why should I qualify for this, I've never lived in Germany nor am I a German national? I kinda ignored it until now where I've been reading about quotas that the university have to fill and now I'm worried that Im not going to get a place, or maybe if I miss a grade they are less likely to take me after that (if I get an offer it will be my first choice). I don't even care that the fees would be cheaper as my parents have agreed to pay my tuition (🙏🏼) and when I asked them we both assumed it would be the UK fees of £9,250. Is there anything that anyone can say about this that could make me better informed?
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So, as a general overview. Because your father is German you have German citizenship. Since you're an EU citizen resident in the UK, Edinburgh have to assess you as EU for fee purposes - once they've made that assessment, there's no way to wrangle into another fee category. SAAS, I suspect, will also assess you as an EU citizen and will cover your tuition fees (1.8k/year) with a grant if you apply for it.

Given that you're an EU student, you do get put into the EU bucket for the purpose of admissions. The university can only accept so many Scottish / EU students per year because of Scottish funding regulations. Looking at the Economics programme, the offer rate for Home/EU is 20%, and for RUK is 76%. (https://www.ed.ac.uk/student-recruit...ons-statistics).

That's your situation, basically. However, it's not worth it to stress about whether or not that will mean you'll get in, because it's not going to be possible to change your classification for fee purposes.

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