Feel happy then sad some days?

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Heya, I'm sometimes feel sad and happy some days - I don't know why I feel sad it just seems to happen for some reason. I hate the feeling and struggle to deal with. i went to see my doctor and they refused my referral at the hospital for some extra help.Any advice on what I should do?
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I'm really sorry you feel like this bro
It's important to know i feel that you know you're not alone in this situation. We all get sad really randomly, and it's okay to not have a reason for it! Please please don't ever feel pressured to search for why you might be sad because sometimes there really isn't a reason behind it.

It really helps to write your feelings down sometimes for me, and as little or as long is enough each day. Even just writing it down on your phone Notes app or downloading an app like Reflectly helps too. Opening up to your closest friends really really helps as well, and perhaps they're feeling the same too.

If you ever feel very down, talking to the team at kooth or childline can be helpful too, since they're available pretty much anytime and do find the time to talk to you and give advice. i know it seems like a 'loser' thing to do, but realistically who's going to find out?

I'm 15 and always doubted the authenticity of using childline, since it literally has the word CHILD in it. I felt like i was invalid to use them. But one day i was feeling really down and i felt so alone, and couldn't turn to my friends because they were hurting me. I gave them a chat and they turned out to be very helpful

i hope you feel better soon, all my love xx

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