Haven't done ICT since college, but want to get into it.

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Hi all, I finished college June 2018 and I would be entering my second year of uni now, but Uni never appealed to me so I just went straight into work, anyways I have worked full time at my local Waitrose since then which is just over a year and a month ago and whilst I was at college I worked at Wetherspoons part time, anyways I am now looking to get a job in ICT, which is the career I want to go in.

In college I studied a BTEC Level 3 extended diploma in ICT, I know it's not exactly impressive, but none the less, I studied it at college and now want to go into ICT, my problem is that since it has been so long, I have literally forgot 90% of the stuff I learnt, obviously I remember the basics like spreadsheets/Photoshop etc, but when it comes to more complex things like coding, I couldn't even tell you the simple basics of that, is there anything I can do when applying for jobs in ICT to explain this, but say I do believe that all I need is a little refresher and it would all come back to me, well a majority of it would anyways cause I feel like if I do say this, this would just turn off any potential employer.
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It's definitely good to brush up your skills - there's a lot of online resources you could use:

Try some free online coding courses:
Challeninge yourself with some of these can help a lot too:

Web Design/Development (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript):

SQL -- databases are used in a lot of places, so it's good to be able to at least use all the common commands and clauses:

Learn to use "Git" for storing any code you write -- this is really useful for a lot of IT jobs, particularly anything related to programming: https://www.udacity.com/course/versi...ith-git--ud123

Consider joining some of these online tech communities -- people at all levels of skill and experience generally welcomed:

A really good way improve your skills is to choose an interesting personal project which you can use to focus on creating something worthwhile; this is really useful both as a way to practice and learn, but also produce something that you could showcase to potential employers as well. You could create a profile on a site like GitHub to store your code and then link to it from your CV.

Depending upon which part of the country you're in, have a look on https://www.meetup.com/ to find tech events in your local area - that could include events with employers, or hackathons, and usually a lot of tech-talks too. These are a really good way to learn more and also to do some networking.

Also, consider the option of choosing a Degree-Apprenticeship in an IT field -- your Level 3 BTEC should be enough to be admitted onto one of those schemes, although it helps a lot to have strong technical skills as well. These schemes tend to last 3-4 years and involve learning a discipline such as software engineering, networking/infrastructure or cybersecurity "on the job" 4 days/week in a job, then 1 day per/week studying towards a degree qualification (with a university or apprenticeship training provider).
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So what area of IT do you want to work in? If its coding just go to uni, if its infrastructure like network maintenance, hardware etc then look into certifications from Microsoft, Cisco etc which can all be studied for independently.

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