Shoes for female suits?

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I'm flat footed so the shape of my feet looks really unflattering in shoes with less coverage (e.g. court heels, ballerina flats).

But lace-up dress shoes don't really go well with suits with skirts.

Any shoes recommendations?

Are penny loafers too informal for business formal attire?

Many thanks.
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Loafers all the way!!! Altho i get the ones that do not have the toe coverage thing to the middle of my foot as it looks very unappealing to me. I get the ones that are basically a loafer version of a ballerina flat. They have way more coverage and structure than regular flats but don't look as weird imo than regular Loafers.

I have found that new look and Dorothy perkins have great Loafers.

I tend to stay with black suede and have never had any problems with them looking too informal with my trousers. If you are young it actually looks quite stylish to pair navy suit with a light coloured blouse/top with brown suede Loafers.

Not really sure how i would go about skirts as i dislike typical 'suit skirts' and just tend to get a textured fabric black bodycon skirt that comes like 3 quarters down my thigh and it usually does the trick but adds a bit of texture and contrast to the black blazer i wear.

I wear these things for sixth-form so a work office environment may me more strict depending on its atmosphere but i would assume you would be fine to a certain extent (: in fact a lot of the girls at my sixth-form wear full suits with Loafers because they really are that comfy

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