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What is it really like on the graduate schemes at the top4 accounting firms?

I have been reading a lot online about how graduates in Audit for example have almost no work life balance especially during busy season. Many articles didn't specify but I would assume this is for London and was wondering if this is the same for regional offices such as Manchester?

Just seeing if there's anyone who worked in a regional office and could account for an average week. Sounds like theres a lot of travelling to clients, is this usually far? What time could you expect to finish work typically? Also is Audit something you would recommend? I am not entirely sure what I want to do, I am currently studying Accounting and business finance. Is Audit a good route to take or is there better graduate schemes you would recommend for Finance outside of London?
I don't personally work for a big 4 firm but I know people who do - namely one person who works in audit at KPMG Manchester and she has zero social life as you will be doing a hell of a lot of overtime and long hours.
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Hi guys, I’m a current mazar employee which is one of the top 10 accountancy firms in uk joined the firm on a trainee programme in 2021, please do drop me message if you have any questions. If you want you can put my name a referrer as well in your application

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