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    Sometimes my parents can really annoy me with their contradictions. For example:

    1) I am currently looking for a job (really desperate for one), and obviously job hunting is a job in itself - i.e. ring agencies, fill in app forms, etc. Whenever I say to my dad I am working, I get this "is that all you do? work" argument yet my dad tells me I should religiously look for jobs all the time, etc etc. I guess next time my dad asks me what I am doing I will say I'm just on the PC wasting my potential. I use the PC a lot as I work in IT (or will be once I land a job) and my dad says I should also practise my trade, which is programming. This I do everyday but of course my dad says this but doesn't approve when I do it in practise. My trade and career orientated skills are one of my very hobbies thanks to a coming point in this thread, and I take what I do extremely seriously. Come a programming test as part of a job application, though, and I will have all of my dad's attention on tackling the problem. Other than that, despite my dad being a programmer in the past, and me currently being one, we rarely talk programming or IT in general. When we do, it's a debate about Operating Systems.

    But my dad always encourages my cousins, most of whom are younger than me, to work hard. I did, but when I continue to do so to support my career potential, it's frowned upon.

    I guess I could always waste away like my older brother...

    2) Ah yes, my brother. It's either him or my dad's family (late mother, sisters, etc) holding back this family. My brother can't manage his money to save his life, but can somehow afford a large rottweiler and a forthcoming purchase of an unrequired pick up truck. He fails to buy my dad a birthday present whereas I got a sat nav. My brother earns 30k btw. Then he lectures me about managing my permenant knee issues despite him being a dropout from uni when studying sports science (he dropped out of two courses at 2 different unis AND had private A Level education. I had state education, had learning issues, and upstaged him). He also tells me some driving tips when he drove a friend's Porsche Boxster without consent and from taking the keys from his friend's jacket (ie weren't lying about). He crashed it too, and now has a permenant criminal record I think, as well as his points and points from speeding. He also calls me when he is doing 90mph on a motorway. He is hardly brother of the year material.

    3) Then there is my knee issue. At risk of serious knee injury (dislocation) at any time due to any excessive body twisting, my parents have not made any provisions for this. But if I risk a fall from stubbing something, I literally get my ass kicked (ok not literally). There are plenty of provisons which can be made but my parents don't seem to be interested in them. Instead they adopt the "lets wait for a serious accident to occur and then blame and tell of the victim". This happened when I suffered an injury on holiday (yep, on holiday). My health risks can be mitigated in so many ways and my dad goes on about just that but nothing gets done. They don't seem to approve of any mitigation. I guess as I know the pain and my body best, I will just have to defy them.

    Why do I get all this crap? I'm the one with potential in the family, unlike my tearaway older brother.

    Is it me or are these issues and the fact my parents have never taught me mother tongue, a bad sign of parenting?
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