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Is politics alevel interesting? Is it hard and a lot to remember?
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(Original post by Lucy98654)
Is politics alevel interesting? Is it hard and a lot to remember?
I have I do Spanish, History and Politics and out of these subjects, politics is by far the most interesting. I might be a bit biased because I want to do it at uni but here I go. (For AQA) You do three topics. 1. You learn about British government and politics, learning about Parliament, the PM,the cabinet, elections, devolution, political parties, pressure groups etc. 2. You also learn about American government and politics, learning about the Constitution, Congresss, the president, elections, the Supreme Court, civil rights etc. 3. Finally you learn about political ideologies. So the main ones you have to learn about are liberalism, socialism and conservatism and then your school decides whether you learn about nationalism, anarchism, multiculturalism, feminism or ecologism.

I wouldn’t say it is necessarily difficult however there is a lot to remember. There is a lot of content and also you have to learn in a lot of case studies such as supreme court cases, laws and bills. Within each topicm there are multiple questions you have to answer such as ‘Does the UK need a bill of rights?’, ‘Should the House of Lords be replaced?’ and ‘Is the Supreme Court a good protected and civil liberties in the US?’ etc. which means that you have to have the for and against arguments lots of different issues and debates. Also as part of the political ideologies unit you have to learn about five key thinkers for each ideology ,which is 20 in total, which is quite a lot.

However overall it is extremely interesting and probably the most controversial and relevant A-level you can do. It really gives you a good understanding of the world around you and it gives you lots of different options for degrees or jobs after A-levels.

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