How changing my bet last minute cost me £20 AND a £600 win. Watch

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So I originally placed a bet of £15 for 5 teams to win. However, at the very last moment, I changed my bet to 6 teams and it cost me dearly.
To break it down, I originally voted for Team A, B, C, D and E to win but then I chose a selection of Team F at the very last minute before kick off to win too.
At the end, every team had won but team F. I was fuming and won nothing because the bets were placed in a stack, not separately.

To make matters worse, I try to gamble for Team G to win to compensate on my loss and I lose again.
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I don’t know what to say. Bad luck? Maybe try a smaller bet next time?
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You’re looking at this the wrong way .
When you placed that £15 bet how did you feel ? Great no ?
That’s what you’re paying for when you place an accumulator on short term markets. That feeling . What you’re not doing is placing a bet that will make you money in the long term .
Adding the last minute sixth selection (which is a normal thing to happen ) will have increased your excitement.
Only if your sixth selection started losing very early on would you have anything to complain about .
But if it was in play for a while you still gained .
If you had not included it you’d have won some money it’s true but you’re overlooking the fact that your other five selections only won by pure chance not skill on your part (because except by msths types who spend years building models , short term soccer markets are largely unbeatable) .
Also you have spent the money on things you don’t need and won’t make you happy.
If in fact you’d have spent the money on things you do need don’t bet on short term markets .
Instead bet on long term markets in multiples .
Currently I’d suggest ,
Barrow prom , Kings Lynn , Swindon prom , Ipswich prom , B Munchengladbach top 4 , Inter wout Juve is a viable bet that should give you a run for your money with Kings Lynn being the obvious risk.
£15 on that would win about £240.
It’s not much but you can do many such bets and make about £1000 a year and be hugely entertained.

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