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I'v decided to take this college for law at oxford but don't now how i say i picked it in the oxford application form
also it says in tha prospectus that there average is 3.7 per place but this is wrong as i phoned up and asked, they says it veries alot???
Also is New colege good at law and does it have any prefrences for state school kids ??

you dont need to write anything in the 'additional info' on the oxford app form; i left mine blank this year. i think youll find that all oxford colleges have a high number of appicants for law, so i wouldnt worry about it too much. im sure it is good at law, because its a fairly wealthy college i believe. i dont think it has any particular preference for state school students; actually, it used to exclusively take students from winchester college (public school)! as with all oxford colleges though, i think equal access is emphasised for all education sectors.