HELP! Writing problem scenario assignment without any knowledge

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I would really appreciate any type of help. I am in a very difficult situation here.

So I'm in my 2nd year Law degree in the UK and have a timed assignment due in 4 days. It's about EU Law and the first question is basically to 'advise the 4 characters on their EU rights of free movement'.

I'd rather not talk about why I'm in this position because people would then talk about me learning a lesson or whatever and not really help in the comments section.

Now the huge problem is I have zero knowledge on the subject matter. Zero knowledge of what is relevant to the question. No knowledge on what the include in the essay. And don't know how to exactly apply it (it is a problem question) unless I spend a whole week literally learning the content and then doing practice problem questions.

Normally if it was an essay question I'd just research the topic and write it up. But in this case, it's a problem question and I literally do not what to do.

Realistically speaking, I'm looking to complete it to a 2.2 standard and then go through it a couple of times and keep tweaking it till I meet a 2.1 criteria.

Would anyone please, please be able to advise me on what to do? It's 3,500 words and due on Monday 1pm. I would really, really appreciate any replies that can help me so much.

Thank you.

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