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Ok we here's the deal, I'm in year 13 and am doing advanced Welsh bacc. My teachers in school have told me the deadline for the community and enterprise and employability is the 13th December. I've kind of been distracted by other things and put all this by the wayside. It's currently 1AM on Friday the 13th and next week is my last week of school. My question is do i stay up for a few more hours cramming like hell and finish it off tomorrow, or do you think I am able to give it in on Monday which is the last week before chrsitmas. Basically what im asking is does anyone know whwn these things are marked? The teachers have told us about this date for ages and I feel they won't be too happy if I say I haven't done it especially as I am hoping for a good grade in Welsh bacc. But saying that they will definitely be other pupils who don't hand it in by this deadline, so do you think the teachers have given us this deadline so they can chase people up the next week who haven't done it? In which case it should be ok if I do it by next Monday. I really need some advice here as I'm absolutely knackered but if I have to I will stay up all night and make some progress on it. Help please ASAP plz.
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yes, stay up.

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