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Hello fellow students,

This post I am making is for me to share my plan for A levels, and to get advice on how I should pursue them. I want to go to Cambridge to study Mathematics.

I just finished my IGCSE's a month back, now my school offers IB after IGCSE. My IB choices are HL Math, Physics and Economics. SL English lang and lit, french B and computer science. The usual route is start form 6 in January, blah blah blah, apply around October in form 7. Then go to university a year after form 7, however I do not want to do this. I'd like to skip a year and go to university a year prior to my friends, so in 'form 7" I'd leave for university.

Therefore, I am planning to do IAL Edexcel Maths, Further Maths and Physics. For Maths I would be sitting P1, P2, P3, P4, M1 and S1. Further Maths, FP1, FP2, FP3. And for Physics all 6 units. I would apply with UCAS around October 2020. I'd take my exams in January 2021 and the STEP papers in June 2021. Although I have a few questions.

First of all, should I stay in school (doing first year IB) while self studying for the A levels? Because I don't see a way of getting predicted grades and references from teachers if I leave school. And if that is the case, would it be wise to stay in school for a year then drop out after my UCAS application is sent? Next up, can and should I take my IAL Math exam in May/June 2020 (as I already know more than half of the syllabus, and would be done revising for it before May), would this yield any advantages for the interview, application or stress? Lastly, is it more advantageous to do IAL pure math rather than math itself? It seems more difficult, so would Cambridge prefer that?

Also, could you drop any good resources for my three A levels. Thank you
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