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I hate being awake

My favourite part of the day is finally being able to fall asleep at night. I normally go to bed at 3am and wake up at 11am, if I could, I would sleep through most of the day instead. Before I would binge on food and that gave me something to look forward to but I ended up gaining over 10kg in a year so recently I've been trying to cut back on binging and eating better.

All day, every day, I'm either thinking "man, I wish I could sleep right now" or "man, I really want to stuff my face". I don't feel depressed although I admit I hate my life. I've visited my GP about the binge eating and they were kind of useless in my opinion. They offered me anti-depressants but as I said before, I don't feel clinically depressed so I didn't see how that would have prevented me from comfort eating.

Can anyone else relate to this?
it sounds like a mental health problem ask your gp about counselling
I would reccomend seeing a gp regarding this.

You can call the samiritans on 116 123 if you need to speak to anyone.
I wish I could sleep forever too.
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I just wanna be warm in bed 24/7
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I have days like these (apart from the binge eating), and ironically they are the same days I can't fall asleep.

Small portions of antidepressants can be beneficial. What you describe are signs of depression. It doesn't mean you would have to take the antidepressants all your life, sometimes they are prescribed for a short period of time just to chemically and hormonally balance your brain activity and improve your overall health getting rid of these symptoms.