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    I don't really like Blonde on Blonde, apart from Just Like A Woman and Visions of Johanna, which I guess could carry a record by itself... Maybe.

    For me Bob Dylan is:
    Another Side
    Bringing It All Back Home
    Blood on the Tracks
    The Times They Are A-Changin'

    Honourable mentions go to Highway 61 and John Wesley Harding.

    He has about five hundred million genius songs. It shouldn't be allowed.

    I would say my favourite lyrics were in My Back Pages though, although Mr Tambourine Man :love: (I DON'T like the Byrds' versions of either of these very much either.)

    A self-ordained professors tongue
    Too serious to fool
    Spouted out that liberty
    Is just equality in school
    Equality, I spoke the word
    As if a wedding vow.
    Ah, but I was so much older then,
    I'm younger than that now.

    Favourite Dylan songs?

    Wedding Song
    Positively 4th Street (A cracker of a song, sounds a lot like Rolling Stone but unfortunately not known by a lot of people I know who also like Dylan!!!)
    Changing of the Guard
    Is Your Love In Vain
    Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again


    I've just got Spotify and I've been listening to the Bootleg Series, Volume 7. :coma: serriously...The live version of Maggie's Farm is amazing. It's all the stuff off the No Direction Home documentary, which I plan to watch over the summer. :yep:

    (Original post by MrGumby)
    I've just got Spotify and I've been listening to the Bootleg Series, Volume 7. :coma: serriously...The live version of Maggie's Farm is amazing. It's all the stuff off the No Direction Home documentary, which I plan to watch over the summer. :yep:
    I've also been putting spotify to good use for such reasons recently!
    I love that soundtrack, in particular the versions of Ballad of a Thin Man and A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall...

    *goes to listen again*

    Best song is Love/Minus Zero I remember being really non sober and listening to this song.

    (Original post by W_i_l_l)
    Was he actually any good cause loads of people who have seen him have said he doesnt play guitar and just sits in the corner of the stage with his piano occationally. Any truth in this?
    For most of the gig at Edinburgh he was at the side on the keyboard. The songs are still focused and passionate, if a little re-worked. I was going to say that maybe a third of the set he spent in the centre of the stage on his guitar or harmonica, but it was probably more like a quarter.

    All in all, it was good but not great. The Playhouse is a decent venue, compared to Newcastle arena (the only venue I've had the chance to catch him at) which, like most arenas, has the atmosphere of a warehouse at times. But there were too many casual fans and, without being ageist (as there are many oldies who'll put my to shame on the Dylan knowledge and passion) people in their 50s and 60s, just chatting through most of the set. Especially the new stuff. It could have done with more passion on the audience side of things. It was quite a contrast, whenever I see live bands and artists (including Dylan) in Newcastle. Fans there are always so passionate. Even though the atmosphere of the venue can be lacking, I just remember the buzz and passion during and after the gig, this was when I saw him two years ago. Two years to the week pretty much. I forgot that other parts of the country can be a bit more reserved :p:

    Worth the ticket price. I would've been slightly peeved if I'd paid for the hotel and the train. It wasn't £140 worth, not as it wasn't my first time. But again, that was the audiences fault as much as anyone. His voice is getting better with age.

    (Original post by Clubber Lang)
    reworkign songs is one thing but when you can;t really sing or play to a great standard anymore just spells disaster (or an uninteresting show) for me.

    Also because his catalogue is so huge, if he mixed it up a bit i prob wouldn;t know most of the tunes.

    In all honesty, I think his guitar and harmonica playing wasn't as smooth as it perhaps once was, not at Edinburgh anyway. But he can sing as well as he ever could. It's just his voice has changed and you'd expect that with age. It's not as angry, which isn't always a bad thing, and has a warmer edge to it.

    Newcastle 1966 (Like A Rolling Stone)

    Edinburgh 2009 (All Along the Watchtower)

    Slight difference in quality, completely different songs, completely different eras. I know :p: But I don't think one is really better than the other. I particularly enjoy the national anthem being played after the Newcastle gig. You don't get that anymore :p:

    As for the setlist, it wasn't as mixed around as when I saw him last time when, if I'm honest, I didn't recognise about a third of the songs as most were from the past two or three albums and I wasn't really particularly familiar with them at the time. There were a good number of classics, Like A Rolling Stone always gets an airing. All Along the Watchtower, Leapord Skin Pill Box Hat, Lay Lady Lay (which I was chuffed about), Blowin' in the Wind (took me a while until I recognised it :o: ), Stuck Inside A Mobile, Highway 61 Revisited and Just Like A Woman. Maybe one or two more.

    (Original post by River85)
    Blowin' in the Wind (took me a while until I recognised it :o: ).
    From the show I went to:

    Not the whole version. :sad:


    I like how they've called it Cardiff NIA.
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