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I’m 19 and have a very stubborn, very argumentative mother who I feel enjoys making a big deal out of everything and also blaming me for everything. I thought this was the type of issue I’d stop complaining about after I turned 15 but I guess now that I’m mostly at uni, coming back home to this every other week drives me mental.

This afternoon, my mom told me to order pizza and have it get here ASAP. Delivery options ranged from as soon as possible and then after that, specific times. She literally lost her sh**, yelling at me for not selecting a specific time, I couldn’t even derive any proper reasoning because she was being so nonsensical.

I don’t see her as much nowadays and I’m tired of arguing. So I apologised.

Bit later on, she asked me to find her a blue suitcase from the basement. I told her we didn’t have a blue suitcase. She went downstairs and showed me a green suitcase. I told her; it’s green, not blue (fair enough she doesn’t speak good English and often confuses her colours). She went MENTAL, saying that I was disrespecting her etc.

I apologised. She told me I was being rude. For apologising. But I still said sorry

Just now, my mom asked me if I was going to shower. I told her I would after my dad (who is back from work in about 30 mins) took a shower first. She then went in the most sarcastic, snappy tone “is 30 minutes not enough for you?” I told her that I need to take my time and she literally stomped down the stairs muttering about how I am “so difficult.” There was literally... no issue? I just said that I’d take a shower after my used the bathroom, that was it.

This is just one day. I’m here for the next TWO WEEKS.
Do I just let this happen? Or say something?
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Your mum is dissatisfied with her own life and she’s taking it out on you. Do you think she’s unhappy/frustrated? Take deep breaths and try not to react because it really has nothing to do with you. I know that’s little consolation.

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