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Hey all,
Be gentle, I'm new to posting in TSR, so hopefully this has ended up in the right area of the site.

I'm in my second year of full time BEng Aeronautical Engineering at a fairly low-ranked university. I really enjoy the course, I find it extremely challenging and am really trying to push myself to get a good grade.

I failed my first year by two modules in 2017 and was asked to do a repeat year with just the two modules that I failed (Thermofluids and Maths for Engineers). I resat the year and passed my resit year first attempt that time, but didn't get amazing overall averages at around 46%. For one piece of coursework, it formatted incorrectly and cut a chunk of my work off which I was really disappointed with as I'd done well in a previous exam (67%) and this had pulled my overall grade down a lot- and with my fairly bad exam results I ended up getting a 45% average.

Initially I was relieved to have passed and be onto second year, but now the anxiety is there of "what if I do that badly this year", realising that I don't stand a chance of getting a job after uni with a 2:2 or god forbid a 3rd.

This year I've been a lot more engaged with my course. My attendance (bar one module which I've had issues with, and I'm not alone) has been over 90% which it wasn't the first time round, it was abysmal. I've been pro-actively seeking lecturers to ask questions, do a good 8-10 hours of work per week outside of uni from end of November onwards.

Overall, I know for sure that I feel a lot more on top of my work than I did even during my repeat year.

I guess I'm just terrified of the same outcome as last time-my mental health wasn't great back then, and my academic performance suffered. Since then I've sought counselling through my Uni and spoken more about my anxiety to other including my partner. I've also become more involved with educational extra-curricular activities which has given me positive STEM role models.

Anyway, this is getting long now, but has anyone else ever been through something similar? Are my fears justified or rational?

I failed first year BEng Aero partially due to laziness, immaturity and mental health issues. Resit year didn't go great but I passed. Far more engaged now in Second Year, but still finding course challenging. Scared of failing again.
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What helped me was to do some mental exercises, and meditation everyday. It may be a bit over the top, but it really helped me with my anxiety. You should try it

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