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Alright, just some background/context. I have been off of school quite a lot in this term (term 1) for my mental health. I am in year 11 (sophomore), so I'll be taking my IGCSEs this year. No problem, so far my grades have been around 5/6 for STEM subjects without me trying in year 10 or my mocks for this year (keeping in mind that I missed out on a lot of the material and still did the mocks just for the experience). I am taking the further pure and obviously math IGCSE in May and I have been progressing in terms of my mental health and academics really well in the past month or two. (Since why I took my mocks instead of postponing them which the school offered but I wanted to take them just to get used to the pressure since I keep panic attacks).

I really want to do HL AA math as I really want to get into STEM for university and math is one of the more decent subjects (despite how the school makes us hate it so much). I am not too worried about the workload and stress levels because every single IB subject is very tough - that we all know. If it gets too stressful and or tough, I don't mind moving to HL / SL AI math or SL AA math, I honestly don't mind as IB is already good enough. If I'm not doing well in the first month or two and am really struggling as I said I don't mind moving to another class. But as I said, my mom is very keen on me not taking it whereas my dad is alright with any subject I choose. Should I take HL AA math? And I understand that HL AA math is one of the harder subjects on the curriculum.

If you guys just want someone to talk to about anything I'm here!
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If you are up for the challenge go for it.But some advice that I was told from the student taking math AA HL it is a lot but if you have a good teacher then it makes it much better. I take Math AI SL which is a much easier course and I have two calculator papers where as AA only does one paper with a calculator. It also depends on your other subjects I recommend you balance yourself and don't push yourself too much cause you may break. Not saying you specifically will, but you need to know your limits.

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