Funding for a C1 Licence to become a paramedic???

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Hi everyone,

Currently studying the theory for getting my C1 licence but I need some advice on funding.

I live in Scotland, and to join the Ambulance Service to train vocationally as a technician the entry requirements now state that you must have already have obtained a C1 licence before they will even consider your application. I completed a separate degree this summer and am currently working as a full time nanny to bridge the gap between university and work and so I can spend time working on my paramedic application.

My issue I am having is the funding to get the C1 licence. The cost of most of the courses I have found cost around the £1300 mark. This includes a couple days of intensive driver training, the theory/hazard perception test and your manual test at the end. It's a lot crammed in to just a few days but based on what I've researched there don't seem to be any places where you can sit lessons like the ones you have when you learn to drive a car. £1300 to pay upfront for a course is a lot of money in one go, and on the salary I'm on I just can't afford it.

Has anyone had any experience with applying for educational grants or charitable trusts which support individuals looking to develop skills for work and/or work in the healthcare industry?

I am so looking forward to getting started with my career but am struggling to see how it's going to be possible to do this vocationally without taking out a bank loan. I am considering that I may have to go back to university and become a paramedic that way, wherein I'll deal with the element of the C1 licence when on the course (if it's included), or later once I've had more time to save.

Any help gratefully appreciated!
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