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How do you revise for English Language Paper 1? Can you only revise by doing past papers or is there other things that you can do?
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English Language 2018 : Grade 7

I did my English Language GCSE a year early, in Year 10. Was absolutely thrown in at the deep end and received little support from my school. I panicked so much over how to revise (because English is English, right?) and got myself so worked up I passed out the night before. I dont know how I managed to get a 7, I barely revised and felt quite embarrassed I did so well compared to my friends who worked so hard and got lower grades...

If I knew what I did now I probably would have gotten above a 7, I would recommend you...

•DONT overdo the past papers, truth is you cant ever be fully prepared for the questions ahead of you.

•Practice using sophisticated grammar and vocabulary, examiners love that stuff (but be careful and use it correctly otherwise you could be making your situation worse)

•READ READ READ READ - I thought I could be clever and go off and read some 19th Century classic to prepare myself, only ended up with a newspaper story on surfboards... Read all types of media and pick apart the information. Keep in mind the intended audience and author information that could be relevant

•Keep creative with descriptive or narrative writing based on a random image. Could be in a magazine (NatGeo magazines recommended as its never anything other than that) or anywhere else appropriate. If your exam is the same as mine I imagine you will have an image based creative writing question with a choice to either describe or narrate, if you get a choice like this I would choose describe, its your personal choice but descriptive writing is easier for most than imagining an entire plot and character. Yuck

•Dont make new notes if you already have loads, rewriting stuff again and again is generally pointless and will only confuse you. Make resources memorable with pictures or colour code them (I remember all my notes had a different colour depending on what question I was on, in my exams I could visualise my notes based on colour)

•Dont stress - I just finished my GCSEs after a really awful year. I hated school and couldnt handle it and ended up walking out of classes because I pushed myself too hard and broke. Ended up playing Skyrim on my Xbox for exam season yet on results day I managed to get 8,8,7,6,6,6,6,6,6. I am not recommending you drop everything and chill but just remember that revising your life away and taking an exam stressed is more hopeless than going in feeling chilled having attended all your classes

•Memorise timings - Sounds silly to say but sometimes remembering your timings more than the knowledge for the question is best. Friend of mine was an absolute whizz at English yet come the real exam she ended up with a 5 because she spent too much time on one question. Yeah she got full marks on that question but it wasnt enough to go beyond a pass.

Its not really revision related but please bring a bottle of water in with you, its been seen in studies that students supplied with water generally perform better in exams. Despite you thinking youre okay your body may be dehydrated and you wont be able to think as rationally as possible. Bring a small snack in with you before the exam also, and one for after, stay happy during exam season and your final grade(s) will reflect on that
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past papers are the best way to revise really. make sure you're reading well and you're familiar w your terminology too.

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