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Hi, iv recently been circumcised and the feeling of the penis rubbing on clothing is making me ejaculate when I dont mean to. Has anyone else this issue? Also finding it very hard to masturbate without lubrication as it sometimes hurts a lot can anyone help
Jason macdonald, newtonmore
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Only just read this.... but by now I'm guessing you are not as sensitive... ??? I was circ'd when I was 12 and I can't say I was pleased about it. But I had a really tight foreskin so it came off after a trip to the docs and an operation later. I never had chance to test it with a girl before it was done so only had experience afterwards..... Mine isn't too sensitive unless I've got a hard on. Hand jobs.... need lube ! BJs totally fine and you'll find that the girls don't mind giving you them as you are always clean and not smelly. Try use some vaseline on your penis head..... stops it being too sensitive and protects it. Wipe it off before sex though !! Sex is really good with a circ'd penis no tearing is possible so you can go at it !! Have fun with it and the sensitivity will ease after a few months. !

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