AQA A-Level Computer Science NEA: Need help and advice (Urgent)

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I am currently on the "Technical Solution" part of my NEA and I am unsure whether my current project will be able to attain high marks (I feel that its inadequate at the moment). It seems like I'm just copying a database browser.

Project description:
- An inventory management program for a small business, that uses Kivy for the UI and MySQL as the database system.
- I have the MySQL database on a cloud server which I can remotely access.

Current features of the program include:
- adding records (using SQL)
- deleting records (using SQL)
- updating records (using SQL)
- sorting records (using SQL)
- basic login system

I'm currently considering to implement these next:
- create a report summary output from the database
- slightly better login system (e.g. using hashing for encryption)
- creating notifications/alerts system that informs the user about the data (e.g. notification about having low stock)

Any advice/ideas/tips on what I could do with my project will be greatly appreciated.

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