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    I checked UCAS as soon as I woke up, and found out I'd got in. I got my actual results a couple of hours later when I went into school.

    (Original post by couture_kid)
    wow, what did you say to the uni??? hmmm, i should try that lol! what uni was it can i ask?

    Did you do A-levels then?

    I know what you mean about nosey people - strange how people that you don't even speak to in your classes suddenly start asking what grade you got!
    Haha it was Bristol, I think they were just a bit hectic to be honest.

    Yeah I already have 4.5 A levels (A) and I'm took 2.5 more this year, I need a B from my A levels this year to get into my course, cause they don't accept two of the subjects that make up my A levels.

    I've never actually been to a results day properly, in school my mother went to pick up my results for me, and in college I always go late. I know the examinations office staff really well so they're always fine with it.

    Facebooks worse though.......I don't particularly want to broadcast my results on your wall and therefore all of your friends and all of my 'friends'.

    ah well viva la competitive academia

    (Original post by Pheonixx)
    i got a letter congratulating me on my confirmed uni place the day of the results, about 8am, i didn't realise what it was until i had opened and read the letter.
    Oh mint, do Manchester send a letter to everyone? And do you know if they send one to let you know you didn't get in?
    My post man better hurry up on the 14th lol!

    (Original post by Reilly)

    Facebooks worse though.......I don't particularly want to broadcast my results on your wall and therefore all of your friends and all of my 'friends'.

    ah well viva la competitive academia
    Yeah I know what you mean Ever since IB results were released, the minute person x posted their result and breakdown on person y's wall, news got round EVERYWHERE.

    It's so bad I actually spent an hour a couple of weeks ago searching this one person's wall just to see if she publicly stated her IB results
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    (Original post by zippy_gerbil)
    Check UCAS before I went into sixth form last year, said I had an unconditional from my insurance but my firm hadn't updated (even if you get your firm, insurance also goes to unconditional). Went into school, got my results and I missed my firm by two grades.. called them a couple of hours later to beg and they said I'd got in anyway! Nerve racking stuff.
    That's exactly what happened to me! Missed my firm by one grade and my school were on the phone to them before I even got there, but everything else was the same as yours! Spooky! :eek:

    hey soo when u check ucas in the morning and its been updated does it jump out at you saying 'youve got in' or do you look at the 'choices' page where all 5 university choices come up. Also iff you miss the grades and youre still accepted will this appear on ucas as 'accepted' or will you have to ring up? thanks Tom
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