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Christmas is generally a time when a lot of people relax and chill out after a hard first term at uni and we’ve got some tips for going home and maintaining your well-being over the festive break.

- For many students, Christmas may be the first time they’re headed home for an extended time since the summer, and for some students it can be the first time they’ve been home at all - if they’re in a university at the opposite end of the country, for example. So, it’s worth remembering that you and your family will be happy to see each other, but you’ve both probably started adapting to living apart and there will be a need for a little readjustment!. So, do behave how your parents expect you to in their home. (i.e no waking them up at 4am if you’ve been on a night out!):cheers:

- If you have assignment deadlines just after you return after the holidays, try and get as much work done as possible before leaving for the holidays, so you are bringing as little stress home with you as possible.:thumbsup:

- Make sure you empty your fridge before you go home. Trust me, there is nothing worse than returning to a fridge with off food after a few weeks away! :talkhand:

- Take down your Christmas decorations before you go home. This sounds a little boring, but like emptying the fridge before you go, it saves you a task when you return and you can return fresh and ready to tackle the new term without having too many tasks to do.:tree:

- Make sure you lock the doors and windows in your room/uni house, and if you live in a student house and not uni accommodation, don’t advertise on that your house is going to be empty for a few weeks! It’s great to let everyone know you’re excited to head home, but try and keep the posts of your house/room being empty to a minimum.:yikes:

- December is a time of temptations, and if you’ve joined a uni gym, it can trip up even the most seasoned gym-goers, but after indulging over the festive period, it’s good to get back to eating a little healthier. Here’s a blog from one of our students about eating healthy. https://hopeuniblogs.wordpress.com/2...-as-a-student/

- You’ve got all your assignments up to date and you’re at home hopefully, with a reduced level of stress. Relax and enjoy your downtime over Christmas!:xmasgrin:

However, not everyone has the most enjoyable time or goes home over Christmas, so if Christmas can seem like a chore and the Festive season isn’t always enjoyable for you, here’s a few tips to help.

- Firstly, if you’re feeling down, TALK to someone in real time. A friend (home or a uni friend or a family member in person or on the phone. Talking in real time makes a huge difference when compared to messaging. Don’t bottle up your emotions.:grouphugs:

- If you find yourself needing to talk to someone over the Christmas break and aren’t sure where to look, or don’t want to talk to a friend, use the Hub of Hope. They show support that’s available based on your location.


- If you’re feeling lonely, plan something for everyday and try and involve others if you can, even if it's just meeting up for coffee. Having an activity to do can keep your mind focused on something productive and help reduce those periods of loneliness.

- Go outside for a walk. Even if the weather is terrible, exercise such as walking really does help release endorphins, the feel-good hormone, into your body. Do an activity/exercise for 10 minutes and if you still feel like stopping after then, then at least you have exercised for a short time. Alternatively, go visit a place you’ve wanted to see to stimulate your brain.

- Volunteer! Offer some free time to a local charity. They’ll be grateful for the help, and it gives you company, a sense of purpose and looks good on your CV.

- Get creative! Try cooking, baking or painting to fill your mind and give you some breathing space which is essential to help combat feelings of loneliness. :cookie:

- Here’s a blog from one of our students about mindfulness and mental health. https://hopeuniblogs.wordpress.com/2.../stay-mindful/

Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year from all at Liverpool Hope!:xmas:

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