Is it true britain is selling the NHS to america? Watch

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What does that entail exactly and is this true?
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It's a grossly untrue, and primarily scaremongering claim that has been made (primarily) by the labour party. Documents were leaked (the basis for this claim) which suggested the US has requested changes to our drugs policy, which technically doesn't even directly fall under the NHS (I believe it would be the MHRA, but don't quote me on that).

The idea is that it would allow American pharmaceutical companies to operate effectively in this country, I acknowledge this would be detrimental and costly to the NHS, but that in no way constitutes 'selling' the NHS, under any reasonable definition of the word.

Nevertheless, the documents did not show a reply, it simply stated the US had asked for something. It didn't say we'd accepted that deal or even suggested anything of the sort.

Trump made a statement saying 'even the NHS was on the table' or something along those lines. However, when you look at the quote within the context of the sentence, it is clear he is simply stating that (as with any negotiation) *technically* anything can be a component of a deal. He literally clarified this on an interview later and iterated that he was not expecting and did not require the UK to 'sell' the NHS.

This misconception originates from melodramatic, misleading, superfluous headlines, intended to sell-papers or garner clicks, rather than inform the public effectively and accurately. AKA, shoddy journalism. This was leveraged by the labour party in their own disinformation campaign (although, they were certainly not alone in this lmao).

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