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Fallen out with friends-are we just growing apart? watch

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    I was looking forward to going on holiday with two school friends but weve had a major fall out over the holiday destination. Im at uni and love going out, so i thought somewhere like zante or ibiza would be perfect because its with all our age. My two school friends have now worked full time for 2 years. One of them wanted to go somewhere like south of France or somewhere posh and upmarket. We fell out over it and now we arent going anywhere We both said things we shouldnt and now iv fallen out with one of them. (The other girl didnt mind where we went). Anyway i said shes started to act like shes 40 and that we could go to posh places when were a bit older and im working aswell. She called me a slut because i wanted to mix with guys and people our own age and i enjoy going out. We went to an all girls school and shes 20 and still thinks guys are disgusting and cant enjoy herself in a club. I think iv changed since iv been at uni. Im a student and cant afford to go to really expensive bars, i like student nights at clubs, but we never go to them in holidays because she hasnt got a student card and wont pay full price, so we end up in a posh bar with her work friends who are all about 10 years older. She seems to look down on all the student thing and says why dont they grow up, going out all the time and behaving like that. Why wont she join in and have fun whilst shes young? We were really good friends, and im upset weve become so different. Are we just growing apart?? What shall i do?

    Obviously as you grow up and do different things people can grow apart, but I think it would be silly to completely fall out over a holiday. If you all still want to go, try and reach a compromise. Find somewhere that has bars and clubs so you can still go out, but isnt too wild. Neither of you should be pushed into going somewhere you dont want to go, its everyones holiday.

    I always find that when I fall out with someone over something small, I suddenly find a million more things wrong with them. Its so easy to find faults with a person when you've had an argument; you end up finding alot more reasons to dislike them, when really you're just angry and worked up. Dont cut off ties with her because of this, try and work through it.

    Even if you've both changed as people, you can still try and remain friends. You dont have to have everything in common with eachother, just remind yourself of what made you friends in the first place

    I hope you sort things out
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