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I’m really struggling at home. I have been for about 3 years on and off. I was in a really bad place mentally because of being unhappy at college and not having time to see friends so I felt lonely. I turned to my parents to say I was mentally ill and needed their support but they don’t believe in mental health issues so pushed it aside ( this was about 18 months ago.) I started acting horrible and reacting saying horrible things, I didn’t mean them it’s like I had no
control of what was coming out of my mouth. Anyways I picked myself up and left college, started an apprenticeship and everything became a lot better but my parents won’t accept that & still use what I was like as excuses to not forgive me now. I’m trying really hard but it still makes me re act sometimes because when I cry out it’s always turned on me and made my fault, so I argue with my parents a lot because of that. I have good and bad days and my bad days lead back to self harm ( which my parents think is attention seeking) I only do it as a way to calm myself down (I’m not sure if that sounds silly) so yeah if I could have some advice on what to do that Would be amazing, Thankyou xx
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Possibly contact your local GP to inquire about therapy? X I honestly hope your mental health improves; it's extremely important. 💘
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Your parents have failed you imo...their support would probably have helped a ton. Nevertheless, you should definitely seek therapy as then you'll have someone who understands and listens

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