Should I bother with my friend anymore?

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Okay so recently it was the first anniversary of my sisters death and instead of this friend being there for me, she tried making the day about her dead dad instead. I didn't get a single call or text from her but then seen a post on Facebook of a tribute for her dad. It wasn't his anniversary or anything special, just a normal day, she always puts these tributes up which is fine but I am quite annoyed that she couldn't even send me a text asking how I was and instead was going on about her dad that's been dead for almost ten years as if I was to comfort her instead???

For years I have been there for her and comforted her about her dad especially on his anniversary but I am beginning to think enough is enough especially as she didn't bother with supporting me on my sisters anniversary, her first anniversary, not her tenth. All in all I am getting sick of hearing about her dad. Whenever we have drinks and she's not center of attention she will cry and go on about her dad, whenever she's in the wrong, her dad, when she was in trouble in the courts, banging on about her dad once again and it's getting tiresom.

It feels horrible to say this but I don't think she's anywhere near as upset about her dad as she lets on, I feel she definetly milks it for her own benefit as she only ever brings him up when she's done something wrong and someone calls her out for it, she doesn't do this anymore but whenever in an argument with one of her exes she would make out that they insulted her dead dad, which they hadn't, just to make them look like they're the one at fault. This is of course a conversation I can't have with her as I will look like I am being horrible.

I am beginning to really think that only her problems matter, we've been friends for years but should I bother with someone that couldn't even make the effort to send me a simple text on the day of my sisters anniversary?
Dunnig Kruger
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Keep her as a friend, but don't take anything she says too seriously.

Especially when she's trying to use her dead dad as some kind of magic "you can't touch me", potion of invulnerability / get out of jail free card.

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