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Hello, I'm an Italian undergraduate student.

My profile:
Bsc Statistical Science from University of Bologna (best public italian university for international rankings)

GPA: 29.59/30 - top 1-5 % of my class - projected first class degree
No relevant internship
GMAT to take soon ( not aiming high cause I have less then one month to prepare)
pretty strong references
I've got the maximum grads with some honours in all the most important quantitative courses taken.
Ielts score 7 with at least 6.5 in all the sub-scores.

I'd like to continue my studies outside Italy with a master's degree in Quantitative Finance/ Financial Engineering.
I worked my ass off during the last three years in order to make some money aside for my postgraduate study but I don't have a strong family support, so it's really important for me to start working right after the master.

Until now I applied for:
Quantitative Finance - eth/uzh - 1.5yr
Financial Engineering - EPFL - 2yr
Risk Management and Financial Engineering - Imperial - 1yr

I'd like to ask you:
1) What you consider the best between these three
2) What are my chances to get into Imperial
3) I'd like to receive some tips for good masters in UK for QF/FE, taking into consideration that my Gmat score will probably be between 620-680.
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All you need is a quant degree + good grades, so you should get admitted to most programs. EPFL and ETZ are probably the best two quant programs in mainland Europe and are very affordable compared to the UK. Depends on whether you want to live in a french speaking (EPFL) or german speaking (ETZ) part of Switzerland.

The risk management and financial engineering at Imperial is less quantitative since it is based in the business school. Most graduates go into risk roles rather than pure quant roles and the fee is very high for this. The best quant programs in the UK are shown below. Not many others are worth it.

1. Imperial Math & Fin
2. Oxford MSCF
4. Warwick FinMath
5. LSE FinMath

If cost is important, I would go for EPFL/ETZ, but if you really want to work in London look at the programmes above. MSc in Applied Math, Stats or Machine Learning at Imperial/Cambridge/Oxford are also viable options at a cheaper price.

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