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Alright. So it's the 4th and I'm going back to school in two days having done no homework, no coursework and I spent something like 4 days at work. I should have done something, but I just didn't.

I always have Monday first period free so I'll do my Sociology homework on that period but I don't want to slack anymore. I mean that.

We had our mocks in December and I got as follows:
B in English Lit= 42/60 for first paper. 43/60 for second paper
C in Philosophy and Ethics= 67/120 in Philosophy, 26/120 in Ethics
D in Sociology, 48%

First, I've got to tell you, I was STOKED with a B in English Lit. I only got Cs throughout last year and by God's grace, I got predicted a B. Now I got the B so I'm hoping I will actually be able to pull off an A in the next mock in March and the real thing in May/June. Only things I need to work on are writing structure and knowledge of the text.
Second, I was DISAPPOINTED with that C in Philosophy and Ethics because I put most of my revision into that subject. I enjoy it a lot and it was my best subject last year. However I won't lie, I hate Ethics and I just don't get it because I find it to boring to revise. I feel my writing is a bit skewiff when it comes to phil/ethics anyways and my teachers got confused with what I was trying to say. My knowledge and writing are the only problems here. And my time management.
Thirdly, I EXPECTED that D in Sociology because I just froze in the exam. That's all. My knowledge was quite dodgy but that's only because I just didn't do much revision. I can't afford to do that, anyone will tell me. My writing wasn't that much of a problem, my teachers understood me but it could have been clearer. I didnt follow the PEEL structure I was meant to and my knowledge wasnt there. I also ran out of time.


We have a two week timetable, Week 1 and Week 2. Week 1, I have a lot more lessons and Week Two Thursday, I only have 1 lesson.

So I have decided that week 1 and up to week two Thursday, I will revise two topics in particular. It could be anything. Families, Christian Thought, Hamlet etc. I revise these two topics and then, because Soc and Phil/Eth are two hour exams, I can spend four consecutive periods doing two practice exams (to improve time management as well) if the two topics come from those two subjects.

If one comes from English, I just spend 1 hour 15 because the full exams are 2 hrs 30 each and I will not sacrifice my break and lunch for that. Anyway, it's only four essays I have to write in that time. These are the topics and their chapters all laid out

Paper 1: Philosophy- Ancient Philosophical Thought
- Body, mind and soul
- A priori argument (ontological)
- A posteriori arguments (cosmological/design)
- The problem of evil
- Religious Experience
- Attribution of God
- Religious Language (pre 20th century)
- Religious Langauge (post 20th century)
Paper 2: Ethics- Natural Law
- Situation Ethics
- Utilitarianism
- Kantian Ethics
-Meta Ethics
- Business Ethics
- Sexual Ethics
- Conscience
Paper 3: DCT- Augustine's Teaching on Human Nature
-Death and the Afterlife
- Knowledge of God's existence
- The person of Jesus Christ
- Christian moral principles
- Christian moral action
- Religious pluralism and theology
- Religious pluralism and society
- Gender and society
- Gender and theology
- The challenge of secularism
- Liberation theology

Paper 1: Education- Perspectives of Education
-Internal factors of educational achievement
- External factors of educational achievement
- Educational policies

Plus research methods and methods in context

Paper 2: Families- Family policies
- Perspectives on Families
- Demography
- Changing patterns in cohabiting, divorce, life course childbearing
- The nature of childhood and changes in status of family

Beliefs in Society- Ideology, science and religion
-Religious beliefs
- Religious organisations
- Relationship between religions
- Significance of religion

Paper 3: Crime and Deviance- Social order of crime
- Internal factors of crime
- External factors of crime
- Globalisation of crime
- Prevention of crime
Plus methods in context and research methods

English Literature

Paper 1: Pre 1900 Literature- Hamlet
- A Doll's House (could also do Chaucer) - Rosetti's Poems

Paper 2: American Literature- The Grapes of Wrath
- The Great Gatsby
Plus coursework:
Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams
Wilfred Owen's War Poems
The March by E.L Doctorow

So essentially every week I will take two topics, learn the chapters in a week and 3 days and test myself. (Week two Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I'll probs just do coursework or read a book or something)
As you can see there's a lot to learn and so little time to do it in, but by God's grace, I'll get it done.
By the next PPEs, I'll want three Bs at the least. Maybe an A in English or something.

Right now, I just need to prep for the revision, but when I go back to school, I wont be messing about.

Till next time,


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Sounds like you have a good plan- good luck!
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So here I am. IN A and E!!!!

Had a bit of an asthma attack. Nothing too OTT.

Just need to tell you about these last two weeks.

Today is the 13th and I still havent sent off my UCAS. This is because I was unhappy with my predicted grades. My English teacher was sound and changed me from a B to an A but my sociology teacher has been like "I won't believe it until I see it".

So I've been forced to do a whole past paper in the last three days, meaning NO REVISION HAS BEEN DONE!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 and my week 2 Thursday is coming up so that self-assessment needs to happen
She still wants me to improve on my 10 marker but I've two days left.

TWO DAYS!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


That's it.
Just needed to unload.
Doctor is coming. Should go now!

Till next time,
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