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Hi there, I'm currently in the process of doing my EPQ, nearly ready to start writing. I'm doing my EPQ on gene therapy in cancer but I've been told by my supervisor that I need the title to be akin to a question rather than a statement in order to be able to come to a conclusion and argue throughout the dissertation. My paragraph structure will be split into 3 chapters with the first talking about what cancer is, briefly mentioning other treatments and talking about the history of gene therapy and what it is (as a concept). The second (main) chapter is about methods for gene therapy, split into viral and non-viral sections. I will aim to look at different methods and compare their effectiveness. The final chapter is on how gene therapy can be used to treat cancer, talking about gene silencing, expression, cell suicide etc.. and at the end, I will come to a conclusion about gene therapies effectiveness, practicality and whether it is a 'good' treatment compared to other ones. The question which fits this is what I am struggling to find. So far I either have 'gene therapy in cancer' with an abstract to help set up what I want to talk about, but I would prefer to have a more concise question. Or something like 'to what extent is gene therapy an effective/suitable/beneficial/whatever buzzword you can think off, therapy for cancer'. Any help would be greatly beneficial!
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To what extent is gene therapy an effective treatment for cancer?
Is it valid to say that gene therapy is suitable in treating cancer?

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