How can I structure my history Britain health and people answers to get grade 8/9? Watch

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1) Study Source A in the Sources Booklet.
How useful is Source A to an historian studying vaccination?
Explain your answer using Source A and your contextual knowledge. (8marks)

2) Explain the significance of anaesthetics in the development of medicine. (8marks)

3) Explain two ways in which the Black Death in the Middle Ages and the Cholera
epidemics in the 19th century were similar. (8marks)

4 Has religion been the main factor in the development of medicine in Britain since Medieval times?
Explain your answer with reference to religion and other factors.
Use a range of examples from across your study of Health and the people: c1000 to
the present (16marks)

How can I structure each of these questions out for the best grades?
Thanks 😊
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Hi there, I do History GCSE too, and I'm predicted a 9, so I'll just tell you exactly what my teacher told me:

1. For the first question, evaluate the source in 2 paragraphs and include the context in those paragraphs, don't spend long on this question, only do about 2 paragraphs, no introduction needed.
2. For the second question, make sure to use the terms in the question, use the word 'significant' in your answer! Also, include provenance, so who wrote the source, why might information be subjective (biased - but don't say biased in an exam!) and make sure to include a view of what the public at the time would have thought too.
3. For the third question, make sure to actually give specific examples, and do about 4 paragraphs and then a conclusion too
4. For the fourth question, first, agree with the statement in 1 paragraph, then disagree TWICE, so 2 paragraphs, then give a conclusion.

Hope this helps, if you need anything else, pm me

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