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Please only answer here if you have completed the CCEA Spanish A level, another CCEA language A level or if you have experience with CCEA A level languages.

So basically I’m thinking of Doing A level Spanish but my school does it on CCEA meaning there’s very little to no resources Available directly from CCEA or anyone else from what I can see (Unlike AQA where there’s textbooks, grammar books, workbooks etc).

Because of this I wanna know does anyone know where I can get this stuff. For GCSE I use the core Vocabulary list and Past papers as well as worksheets to get Vocabulary as well as the AQA GCSE textbook because a lot of stuff seems to overlap at GCSE. But obviously I won’t have a core list at A level.
So does anyone know where some useful stuff is. Does the AQA spec overlap enough to make the AQA textbook of Worth as well as Por la palabra or is there another spec that overlaps a decent bit or is there some website that I don’t know about that can help me get a top grade in A level Spanish. Any advice would be useful thanks

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