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Hi all, I have to do some primary research and was wondering if I could get some answers to question so if you can could you please answers the following:
1. Are you aware of what schizophrenia is?(Yes/No) How do you know about it?
2. Do you think schizophrenia links to violent crimes committed?(Yes/No) Why?
3. Is there enough help for people with schizophrenia?(Yes/No)
4. Do you think that these people with this health issue are able to control their actions?(Yes/No) Why?
5. Is there enough funding for schizophrenia?(Yes/No/Not Sure) How can we make available funds?
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1) Yes I am. I'm aware through movies/films depicting it (e.g. I did a speech on mental health in films and one of the characters in winnie the pooh exibited some of the behaviors)
2) Yes it can do. You hear of people with it being pardoned or getting esser sentences because of the condition so they must be linked in some way
3) No- especially because its ver misunderstood
4) Yes to an extent. Even if they have the voices, hallucinations and all of the symptons, at the end of the day everything is a choice. You can choose whether to listen/ act upon it or not
5) No- mental health is very underfunded. Raising awarness of the charities set up to combat it

sorry for all the grammar and spelling errors

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