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I just finished my set of Year 11 mocks, and honestly, there's only really two Sixth Forms that I'm looking to apply to. I'm sitting my GCSEs at a comprehensive school so I'm just looking for the past experiences of other people who were in this situation, and for those who did end up getting it just how tough it was. Pretty much all that's been on my mind since Xmas! My mock grades were:

Eng Lit: 9
Eng Lan: 9
R.E.: 9
History: 9
Maths: 7
Computer science: 8
French: 7
Biology: 8
Chemistry: 6
Physics: 8

I'm applying for French, maths, and computing at A Level. What were your comprehensive > grammar school experiences? What was the interview process like? How stiff was the competition?
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Personally, I started off at a grammar school but was also worried on whether I would get into Sixth form after GCSEs. There wasn't much competition from my perspective. Many kids (over half) were new in Sixth form because not everyone from Year 11 got in. My younger sister goes to a comprehensive school and finds most classes chaotic and difficult to focus in. Compared to the school I went to, I would say I was lucky because there was usually a nice balance of not super disciplined focus nor complete classroom chaos.

Seeing the grades from your mocks, I would think you have a really great chance of getting in. I'm not sure about the interview process. Overall, try not to dwell on your fears and doubts - the more positive and hopeful you feel, the more energy and drive that gives you. This was the key for me. Each day is a joy up until the exam day because I chose to focus on the things I looked forward to. You can't control the competition, you can only control yourself. If your heart is set on getting into a particular Sixth form then I am certain it will happen. Good luck.

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